MAP Infographic Compares the Human vs the Machine

You can only make one first impression. When customers call your company, do they receive excellent customer service? At MAP Communications, we recently discovered some startling statistics on how consumers perceive the differences between live human contact and automated answering service systems. For example, did you know that 85 percent of callers tend to hang up on answering machines and call a competitor?

We wanted to share these interesting points with our readers, so we put together a fun and informative infographic. Learn more about how human contact can impact your company’s first impression by checking out our discoveries below.


3 Responses to “MAP Infographic Compares the Human vs the Machine”

  1. Edmund C

    Great article and I will support your claims. We are a busy law office and for years we had used an answering machine after hours and old school that I am I assumed that all callers were leaving messages. After being sold (barely) on the idea of doing a free trial to prove that I was missing out on new customers that were hanging up on my machine I am now an advocate of your services. While I can’t tell you exactly how many new clients we capture, I can say with total certainty that it has made a huge difference in our practice and I would not even consider discontinuing using this service as part of my marketing plan.

  2. Kelly

    Agree. Answering machines stink. It almost cost me my business last year. I was a bit surprised to read 85% hung up on machines. But who knows. I never tested that far.

  3. Larry

    Interesting and informative infographic. Guessing the data is in-house from your answering service clients, so good source.


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